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Facilitating change: On-Premise -> Cloud -> Decentralisation

Focused on Blockchain recruitment since EDR’s inception in 2018, we not only understand the global Blockchain and Web3 talent marketplace better than any of our competitors, we also know what came before. Though our directors’ 60+ years tech recruitment experience, we are best placed to search the evolving worldwide Blockchain talent pool as well as map the skills from the most experienced engineers directly into your business when you need them most.

In short, we are here to accelerate our clients’ growth and global adoption of Blockchain technology, just as we were always there to fuel the transition from On-Premise -> Distributed -> Decentralised solutions.

Building success together

EDR Global Search is driven by a desire to become an invaluable partner in helping you build business success


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EDR’s recruitment solutions encompass all modern Blockchain use-cases

Consultant Support

We provide a range of online Consultant Support assets designed to simplify the day-to-day management of your contract


Our list of current Consultant vacancies is available in this section with new vacancies added daily

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